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Welcome to the webshop

Check out the extensive range in our webshop. Click on the flower icon on the left-hand side to easily browse through the various product categories. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us, we are happy to help.

Beautiful Peonies

Fresh peonies are the ultimate spring flowers, with their lush petals and sweet fragrance. Pick them straight from the stem for the best results and enjoy their beauty indoors.


Dry & silk flowers

Dried and silk flowers are not only durable, they are also very hot! Let us now have a wide and diverse offer. Take a look at the webshop for Pampas grass, Plaster, Lavender but also look a like Malus branches or Eucalyptus branches.

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Greens from Greenflor

Green, greener, greenest. A Christmas without green branches and flowers is not Christmas. Greenflor has selected the most special green flowers for you for your Christmas bouquet or home-made wreath. You can choose from the Platana berry, Pinus branched, Erica Rose, Nobolis, Exotca berry, Robusta berry natural or the delicious smelling Eucalyptus cinerea red abs.

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Exclusive flowers from Greenflor 

Greenflor offers high-quality exclusive flowers such as delphiniums and sunflowers. With their beautiful colors and shapes, these flowers are perfect for any occasion. Order today and impress your friends and family with these exclusive flowers.

Greenflor's exclusive flowers
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